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  • January 20, 2018, 05:38:06 AM
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Author Topic: FORUM RULES  (Read 4312 times)


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« on: August 13, 2013, 03:34:43 PM »


This is a privately owned forum:
Please follow the rules.

What you see posted on this page overrides any other rules found on this forum and will be enforced without hesitation.

Regular Members- A Regular Member is one that has been a member on the forum for at least (1) month and has (15) or more posts in one or more topics over that time period. ONE of those posts must be in NEW TO THE FORUM.

The main reason for this rule is to keep Lurkers from searching the net and jumping in to grab a free prize or enter an event that the rest of you have earned by following the rules.
Also be advised that forum events (outside activities) are for Regular Members only. To qualify for a Spring or Fall hunt, you must have registered no less than 30 day prior to the event entry fee deadline.
By following the rules set forth, we have a very respectable and desirable forum.

1- Try to keep your posts in the proper forum.

2- Please refrain from what they call High jacking a thread.
It's a matter of RESPECT for the poster of the original topic.
3- Please keep it clean and remember, this is a family forum.
You must be 16 to become a member and 18 to attend any forum event without a parent or guardian who is also a member.

4- Respect others opinions and remember that debates are healthy.

5- Negative or harmful posting will be Removed without notice.
It is requested that any member seeing these types of posts or replies, report them by clicking on Report Topic bottom right of the post. 

6- Buy Sell Trade is open to Regular Members only, unless special permission is granted. 3 items at any given time is allowed.
Detector with accessories is considered 1 item. All items must pertain to Metal Detecting or Prospecting.

7- Contests are open to all Regular Members. Anyone can run a contest but would be a good idea to pass it by me first for suggestions.

8- To qualify for the Spring and Fall Hunts you must be a Regular Member of the forum as stated above. Members spouses/child* that detect are permitted to join their mates and must fill out a release form and submit it with the proper entry fee.
*Child, minimum age to enter event with parent is 14 years of age and under parental supervition at all times.
9- This Forum is privately owned.
NO SOLICITING. No Links to Detector dealers.
Anyone caught posting, PMing or emailing members for advertising purposes will be banned from the forum. No questions asked. I leave it to your good judgment to inform me if you are approached for this purpose. Your name will never be mentioned.
Parro's and Backwoods Detectors

 10-Detecting on protected/posted/or land you know is illegal to detect will get you BANNED from this forum immediately.

11- If you are a repeat offender of any of the rules posted above or if your actions warrant, expect to be banned from the forum.

This forum's rules may seem strict but they are set for a reason. This forum is designed to cater to the new and seasoned detectorists. A place to learn, make new friends and share knowledge. We run a tight ship and have no use for dishonest or negative posters/members.
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